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The adoption of cloud technology and Machine Learning has seen an explosion in the number of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) applications being developed to help businesses scale and grow in the new century.

Whilst these benefits have been applied across many financial processes and operations within accounting platforms, the area of accounts receivable received minimal attention.

With an established background in credit management, the founders of IODM recognised the advantages that digital transformation could bring to Accounts Receivable, to improve cash flow and operational efficiency.

Focussing their capabilities on developing and launching a market leading platform, IODM Connect brings the benefits of digital automation to improve cashflow management for medium and large businesses across the globe.


Dr Paul Kasian

Non-Executive Director.

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David Ireland

Non-Executive Director.

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Anthony Smith

Non-Executive Director.

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Brian Jamieson

Non-Executive Director.

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Mark Reilly

Chief Executive Officer.

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Petrina Halsall

Chief Operating Officer & Company Secretary.

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Chris Ward

Chief Technical Officer.

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Graham Smith

Head of U.K. – Business Dev.

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