FinTech Business Award Finalist: IODM Announcement

FinTech Business Award Finalist

The finalists for the FinTech business awards have been announced, and it’s official – IODM is up for nomination for the 2018 accounting innovator of the year award.

The Fintech business awards recognises a company within the accounting industry that has developed its own software or have incorporated FinTech into its service delivery – using innovation and technology to enhance overall business efficiencies and client experiences.

What we do

We’ve partnered with SME’s and Enterprises to streamline accounts receivable solutions, automating accounts receivable to get the most out of your cash flow and to help release working capital.

Values and brand message

At IODM, we build smart technology to power the credit management industry. We see the solution for driving efficiencies, significantly improving cash flow, and putting the customers at the center of accounts receivable management.

What does the future hold?

We’re going beyond accounts receivable management in 2018. With a host of new features, updates and clients using our software – IODM is poised for the global stage as the perfect accounts receivable partner system to manage all your invoices. 

Learn all about the upcoming FinTech Awards by visiting ~ FinTech Business Awards!

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