Sales and Credit Management: A Powerful Pair

When it comes to strategy, profit, and business development, sales and credit management pair together to form an infallible team.

Separately, the sectors work wonderfully but together they can take on the world, keep up-to-date with expansions and help to build trusting professional relationships.

Often seen as two opposing areas of business, salespeople and credit managers can utilise their skills and work together to achieve the ultimate in united and common goals; an increase in company profit.

For too long, sales and credit management have been seen as two separate yet, extremely purposeful business sectors. The former to secure a sale, the latter to minimise and evaluate credit risk. However, the individuals who form these business sectors have many attributes that when combined, join to create a powerful, harmonious force that make us question why this idea hadn’t been pushed for sooner.

‘It’s all about relationship building,’ explains Sophie Chatz, an experienced Credit Manager with over 20 years Credit Management experience. ‘The attributes of a salesperson and a credit manager are quite similar. It’s important to build on these skills and have a better understanding of the industry’.

To combine the two sectors together may seem unusual, but it appears that having more than an acute understanding of the sales role is imperative when keeping up with the fast-paced evolution of credit management and all that it entails.

Short Bio:

Sophie Chatz has had over 20 years experience within the credit management industry, working for companies such as Sheppard Cycles and Pacific Brands. Her roles held a strong focus on team building, stabalisation, system implementation and, predominately, commercial credit management.

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