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At IODM, we know that having a great automated accounts receivable platform is just the beginning. That's why we also focus on delivering a customised solution, with on-going support to meet the ever-changing needs of your business.


The IODM platform not only automates many of the existing day-to-day account receivable management functions and processes. It can also be tailored to include the unique differences in how you communicate to and service your customers.

IODM Connect is a solution that expertly combines consultation with customizable features – while you remain in control.


Add customized workflows to support those VIP customers or differences between divisions or brands.


Add metrics that matter to your business or role to provide meaningful insights at a glance.


Add multiple ledgers for different locations, divisions or brands under the one group account. Providing a single view without sacrificing a focussed approach.


Our experienced Project Management team will ensure the on-boarding process is both an easy and confident experience. Expertly guiding you on the key decisions and providing training and tips, to set you up for success.


The first step in on-boarding, is to ensure that we understand your business and what success in accounts receivable automation looks like for you. A customised platform build is then agreed, to deliver the cashflow and efficiency benefits you expect.


IODM Connect integrates easily with your existing accounting systems whether modern or legacy. Providing file export or API (Application Protocol Interface) connection options, IODM Connect ensures you have the latest information at your fingertips.


IODM Connect is an intuitive and easy to use platform. We make sure your team is set up for success with tailored training and ongoing support, so you realise the cashflow and efficiency benefits from day one!


Account Management

A dedicated Account Manager will ensure success through the initial transition period and keep you across all new releases and services that could benefit your business.

Customer Service

A dedicated Help Desk number is available during business hours, with after-hours support provided by your Account Manager.

Online Resources

A range of manuals, guides and articles are available online to give you immediate access to the answers you need.

Customer Experience

IODM Receivables Management Module


Hear from Wilson Security, the difference that IODM Connect was able to make to their financials, team and customer experience.

Find out how IODM Connect can be customised to meet your business needs.

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